Thursday, May 31, 2012

Closing Libraries - This Problem Has Been Around for Awhile.........

I happened across an older sitcom called "Heart's Afire" on  The episode is titled: The Outsider and it is about someone coming into a community and speaking up for the library.  It is a bit dated for sure, but I was encouraged to see the entire episode dedicated to public library survival!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What's happening at NTLP this week? At the request of NTLP's Board of Directors, there will be a joint meeting of NTLP Development Committee and the NTLP Partners Advisory Committee Thursday May 17 at the Benbrook Public Library. Members of both committees have been asked to provide input for the Board's June meeting which will focus on the direction and action plan for NTLP.

Members of the two committees will review feedback from NTLP's 14 Focus Group meetings, which took place in November and December of 2011; work together to determine the priorities of those requested services and identified needs; discuss funding options for FY 2013; and help develop NTLP's goals for FY 2013.

Both committees are made up of representatives from NTLP Partner libraries. Anyone interested in serving on either committee should contact NTLP staff.