Friday, July 31, 2009

Top Web Sites for Genealogy from Family Tree Magazine

101 Best Web Sites 2009
By David A. Fryxell

Count on us to point you to genealogy's top digital destinations: 10 standouts in 10 areas (plus one!) add up to the 10th edition of our 101 Best Web Sites.

If our ancestors had swung down from the trees with six fingers on each hand, we'd probably be counting by dozens. But thanks to humanity's development of 10 fingers and 10 toes, we count things in 10s, group the years in decades and celebrate anniversaries ending in 0—such as this 10th annual installment of Family Tree Magazine's 101 Best Web Sites.

We're marking the occasion by honoring 10 categories of 10 noteworthy sites each (plus one to make 101, of course). With this 10th roundup of meritorious sites, we've also sought to break the mold a bit and encompass more of the "Web 2.0" sites that are paving the way for changes in online genealogy over the next 10 years. Something had to give, however, to keep our count at a manageable 101, so we've omitted some old favorites—still worth bookmarking, nonetheless—and several excellent foreign research sites of interest to genealogists with that particular ancestry.

Sites that are mostly free but where you might still wind up pulling out your credit card for some purchase or other are marked with a $. Subscription-only sites and those where you have to pay for any meaningful results are indicated with $$.

What's the one Web resource in a class by itself? $$, of course. What can we say? With its ever-expanding collection of databases and globe-spanning country-specific sites, comes the closest to realizing the dream of doing real genealogy online—not just finding a few clues, but tracing your ancestors in primary sources. The complete US census, indexed, searchable and linked to images, is only the beginning here. An annual membership is $155.40 for US collections only, or $299.40 for the World Deluxe membership.

10 Best Web Sites to See Dead People

Use these sites to find obituaries, cemeteries and other traces of your departed ancestors.

10 Best Web Sites for Vital Records

These are the best searchable databases of vital records from health departments, historical societies and state archives.

10 Best Web Sites for Storing and Sharing

Sharing your family history just got easier with these Web sites that let you create a family tree, store pictures and more.

10 Best Big Web Sites

You're sure to find information about your family in these stellar genealogy Web sites.

10 Best Web Sites for Maps

Trace your family's paths, find your ancestors' homes and explore the old country.

10 Best Web Sites for Local Searches

You can thank your lucky stars if your ancestors resided in the areas these Web sites cover.

10 Best Web Sites for International Searches

Tracking down immigrant ancestors has never been easier.

10 Best Cutting-edge Web Sites

Stay informed about the latest technology for genealogists with these sites.

10 Best Web Sites for Military Research

Find ancestors who served their country in these databases.

10 Best Virtual Library Web Sites

Powerful search tools let you explore great library collections in the comfort of your own home.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Interesting Article for Social Media Jobs

Jobs for Facebook addicts   (from Careerbuilder)

If you're a social media guru, here are five jobs to consider in your next job search:

1. Recruiter

Candidates have been on social networks for years now, and it's about time recruiters joined them. Daniel says Dan Temps' recruiters can find candidates faster, screen them better and reach out to individuals they wouldn't see otherwise.

"Dan Temps believes that the environment candidates are accustomed to in a social network will keep the conversations and information real," Daniel says. "Candidates don't feel they are being pressured in that environment like they would in a more formal interview or screening process and are more likely to get real with our recruiters."

2. Strategist

Many companies are seeking social media strategists to find the best way to interact within various social sites and online communities. In this role, you would be the face of social media for your company, creating and maintaining an effective social media strategy by interacting with users, growing brand awareness, creating buzz, increasing traffic and providing valuable information. To thrive in this position, Durbin says you must have a proven track record of achieving goals, or companies will be hesitant to hire you.

3. Enterprise architect

"This is the most exciting job in social media and requires someone with broad experience in networks, multiple platforms, development, security and political infighting," Durbin says. "This is a very rare find. It's for companies looking to completely revamp their content management strategy and internal networks. It could be the most important role in a company in the next five years."

4. User operations analyst

For any company with an online presence, user experience is one of the most vital parts of the business. The only way to monitor that is to have someone in charge of the experience themselves. No matter if the company is blogging, has a Web site or pages on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, user operations analysts interact with users, answer queries, investigate problems and keep track of user habits.

5. Director of social media

Similar to a strategist, companies need someone to organize company blogging, viral marketing, podcasting, etc. This person has a background in building teams and who really gets the promise and the purpose of social media, Durbin says. These folks should be wary of new technologies and be all over blogs, RSS, have Facebook and Twitter accounts, and know the difference between his or her employees playing and researching on MySpace and YouTube.

Searching for social media jobs

You might think that finding social media jobs is difficult but many of these positions under a variety of job titles that don't include "social media."

Try searching job boards and the Internet for "social media," "interactive marketing," "new media" or "branding manager" and you should get a good start in the right direction. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Western Governor's University for an online degree

Western Governor's University was established by 19 governors and is a private, online university that offers bachelor and master's degrees. It has recently been featured on NBC news shows and in Time magazine.

Tuition is lower than most private universities and it is a non-profit institution. This is a great resource to share with library patrons and staff wanting to further their education.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Free IP Relay &/or Captioning

American Network, Inc. has been providing telecom services since 1991. As of January 2009, they are FCC-approved to provide IP Relay, Video Relay Services (VRS) and Internet Protocol Catpion Telephone Serivce (IPCTS). FreeRelay services are free and are designed to provide FREE services to people with limited hearing and those who contact them. . provides free captioning for telephone calls to help those with hearing limitations. It supports normal phones to IP phones and sends voice dialogue via text throught the Internet or your IP phone screen. The low/no hearing party receives captions to read what's being said, via the web or a Cisco 79XX IP phone screen display, for example. For more information, visit .

Information source:

Age of Aquarius

There is really no great knowledge boost here - but I love a library that knows how to have fun and isn't uptight! Check out the groovy video:

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Book-A-Day Blog

From Little Elm Public Library's weekly newsletter:

If you like reading award winning fiction books then you might want to bookmark the National Book Foundation’s book a day blog The National Book Foundation is presenting a book-a-day blog on the Fiction winners from 1950 to 2008 in order to celebrate the 60th year of the National Book Awards. The blog will run from July 7th to September 21st.