Tuesday, January 30, 2007

System Funding Formula Under Review

The Texas Library Systems Act Advisory Board(LSSA) met yesterday. This board advises the Texas State Library and Archives Commission(TSLAC) on the Systems and they have been tasked with the responsibility of revising the System funding formula. As a reminder, TSLAC uses the funding formula for the distribution of grant funds to the ten Texas Systems. For additional background information, please check the background document TSLAC provided to the LSAA for yesterday's meeting. The LSAA approved this timeline and is looking for public comments after the new proposed formula is finalized at the February 23rd meeting. TSLAC gave the LSAA some funding formula examples for their consideration. If you look at the examples, the first one given is what our FY2008 budget would be if the formula did not change at all ($619,077). If one of the other examples is adopted, we could receive anywhere from $569K to $631K. I highly encourage anyone interested in how the Systems are funded to look at this process very carefully and take a few minutes to comment on the proposed funding formula. I will post the URL for public comments as soon as TSLAC makes it available.

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