Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Registration authority for lib.tx.us domain names

If your library's website or online catalog uses a domain name ending in "lib.tx.us" you should pay attention to this.

Until now, these domain names have been registered through the Texas Higher Education Network (THE.net) at the University of Texas. As of October 27, 2008, this service will be provided by NeuStar, Inc., which is the central manager for domain names ending in .US under contract with the U.S. Department of Commerce. See
http://www.the.net/forms/lib-tx-us-form.php for the announcement at THE.net.

To guarantee that your domain name will continue to be reserved for your library, you will need to file some paperwork with NeuStar, Inc. You can submit the paperwork immediately, and you must submit it within 6 months to continue using your "lib.tx.us" domain name. Registration of the domain name will continue to be free.

The required paperwork is described in item #17 of NeuStar's Frequently Asked Questions page at
http://www.neustar.us/faqs/ There are two forms, which must be accompanied by a cover letter on your library's letterhead. Contact Judy Daniluk at NTRLS (jdaniluk@ntrls.org) if you need assistance with the forms. Customer Support at NeuStar.US is also very helpful.

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