Friday, February 27, 2009

Will Serials Disappear??

As the Denver Rocky Mountain News closes its doors after 100+ years, it makes one wonder about all newspapers and magazines in print. Should libraries continue to carry newspapers and magazines in print - they take space, money and time to locate missing issues. I must admit however, I like reading the weekend paper and my all important People magazine.

It is a tough time for everyone and when we see institutions close after such long histories, it makes me sad. Being part of that mid-generation, too young to really be a boomer and too old to be considered a digtial native, I often find myself caught between embracing technology and wishing technology would go away. I want to be sitting on a beach curled up with a book, listening to a live band in the background, no phone, no email.......just restful time. But as my stomach growls I want to order a pizza on my ipod touch, IM my friends, call my husband on my cell, update the blog, wiki and my facebook account, and be energized by the frenzy! Oy!

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