Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Free IP Relay &/or Captioning

American Network, Inc. has been providing telecom services since 1991. As of January 2009, they are FCC-approved to provide IP Relay, Video Relay Services (VRS) and Internet Protocol Catpion Telephone Serivce (IPCTS). FreeRelay services are free and are designed to provide FREE services to people with limited hearing and those who contact them. http://www.phonecaption.com/ .

PhoneCaption.com provides free captioning for telephone calls to help those with hearing limitations. It supports normal phones to IP phones and sends voice dialogue via text throught the Internet or your IP phone screen. The low/no hearing party receives captions to read what's being said, via the web or a Cisco 79XX IP phone screen display, for example. For more information, visit http://www.phonecaption.com/ .

Information source: http://blog.techsoup.org/

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