Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Remember all the hubbub about Y2K - just reminiscing a bit and ran across the Library and Information Technology Association for the 1999 conference and found this quote: We can't fend off e-books with a glib "I like to read a book at the beach, under a tree, or in bed" any more, because now you can do all of those things. With some public libraries starting to lend Rocket e-books and NetLibrary signing up universities right and left, the world of e-books is taking shape, although it might not affect your library for a year or two. What librarians need to do now is stay informed and get involved in discussions with e-book publishers about standards - don't assume that privacy concerns, fair use in copyright, and methods of charging for use are going to conform to what we've gotten used to in libraries with print materials.

What amazes me is 10 years later we are still just now embracing ereaders and waiting with anticipation who will be the leaders in readers?? My birthday is coming up and I was thinking about getting a Kindle - but then do I really need it? I want to download for free from the library - so do I go for the Nook instead? Maybe I'll wait and see just what is available for Y3K : )