Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tips for Anyone New to Developing a Poster Session

NTLP received the following information from Janet Bickel-Burton (SMU Cox School of Business Library & TWU Health Sciences Library – Dallas), who co-presented a Poster Session at NTLP's TechNet 2012 conference last week. With her permission - and our thanks - we're passing the suggestions on for anyone who can use the information.

As a poster-making novice, I learned several things about how to create a custom-sized (“30”x48 or 60”x48”) poster in PowerPoint and best practices for visual presentations. 

Especially helpful were: 

Two additional discoveries: 
  • Having posters produced commercially is expensive. (TWU Library paid my printing fees & Lesley hand-trimmed the paper to size needed.) Arranging multiple pages (using photo paper) on the two bulletin boards was an acceptable alternative used by low/no-budget presenters. 
  • Handouts are worth the effort as poster viewers and presenters were rushed for time. Tip: Enlarge and print the poster in the PPT notes page view as a quick handout.

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