Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Children and the Internet

Just today I have read two articles concerning the safety of children and the web. While every librarian knows we cannot guarantee that children will not see pornography, violence or fall prey in a chat room, we can offer tools to help parents in providing safer choices for their children.

One very visible way to assist parents is by providing child friendly website links on your library's webpage. If you do not have a webpage, you might create a simple bookmark with child friendly webpage addresses listed.


From the kids.us site:
What is the kids.us domain?
The kids.us domain provides a trusted online forum for children 13 and under. It's the first and only "youth-friendly" Web space to be established by the United States government, and it features advanced technical, policy and operational mechanisms that keep young people informed, entertained and protected online. The "Dot Kids Implementation and Efficiency Act" enables NTIA and NeuStar to collaborate in the operation of the kids.us domain. It establishes basic parameters for content geared toward children under 13.

Others to consider:



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