Wednesday, May 31, 2006

60 Sites in 110 Minutes

Mike Baldwin, Director of the Benbrook Public Library, asked me to post a link to this website. He attended this program at TLA in Houston last month and was very impressed with the sites outlined in the presentation. Jenny Levine, The Shifted Librarian, and Michael Stephens, Tame the Web: Libraries and Technology, are long-time bloggers in the biblioblogosphere and I hear do a great job presenting at the various library conferences around the world. If you are not a library blog reader, but are looking to get into it, I recoomend these two.


  1. Someone had recommended this to me, but I hadn't been by the TLA website to find the link. It looks like there are some familiar links and others not so familiar. I look forward to perusing it.

  2. Thanks for posting the website, Adam. There are lots of great sites here for techno geeks and info experimenters, but also for traditional librarians. Take a look at the library marketing site. It has some excellent ideas. Mike Baldwin