Monday, May 15, 2006

DVD Storage and Retrieval

Recently I was visiting a local library that is using the Imation Disc Stakka to store and retrieve their DVD collection. This library is still in the testing phase, but is positive about the results so far. After searching several sites, I have found mixed reviews - but mostly positive. DVD storage and retrieval seems to be a time consuming and costly library task lately. Do you buy locking cases? Do you have them on the shelves where they are easily "borrowed" without a library check-out? Or do you use something like Imation? This is still an area in discussion. Please share any experience you have in DVD storage and retrieval.

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  1. For our DVD storage we have a metal media cabinet at the circulation desk where we store our DVDs. We copy the cover of each DVD, place a number on the copied sheet and place the sheet in a notebook with clear sleeves for the patrons to view. They select the DVD they want, tell us the number and we retrive it from the cabinet. DVDs are numbered 1-600 in our case. It works great for us. DVDs are not accessible to patrons only the title information, etc. I think for smaller libraries on a tight budget this is a very efficient system.