Friday, June 30, 2006

Altered Books - Get Creative with Your Discards

Altered books provide a way for creative staff and users to continue the life of a withdrawn book. There are many sites for guidance in creating altered books. This could be a program in the library. Find a local artist that will undertake the planning of the program. Some libraries' friends' groups are creating purses, furniture and art out of withdrawn books and then selling them for $20 and up. A quick look on ebay even found some altered books going for over $100!

A great place to start is:


  1. This is a terrific creative outlet that I engage in myself as time permits. I've taken and taught a number of classes on this and find that the hardest part is convincing someone [including myself sometimes] that it's okay to do this. Google pampliset if you want to see just how long folks have been altering books...also there a number of yahoo groups and other entities on the net dedicated to this artform and ultimate recycling of valuable resources. :)


  2. I LOVE this idea and I am enjoying reading your blog entries! I wish our library could do something like this. I've always thought it was a shame to throw old books away. GREAT ENTRY...thanks for sharing!!! Elizabeth S. (UTA) :)