Monday, June 26, 2006

Photographic Preservation Society

This interesting organization has made its goal to archive photographs for libraries and museums by digitizing them. Here is what they are all about(taken from a job ad)

Photographic Preservation Society was created as a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit to aid libraries and museums which lack the funds and expertise necessary to preserve their historical photographic collections. Through corporate and individual sponsorships, PPS will digitize the images and document the collection's metadata, enabling the owner to properly store the originals. The owner will then be able to use the photographic duplicates as many times and in as many ways as necessary. PPS will incorporate these images and metadata into our online Virtual Museum, offering these historic treasures to a global audience.

I have always said that someone needed to come along to do this for public libraries. This organization is based in Fort Worth with one of its founding members being Dr. Samantha Hastings from the University of North Texas School of Library and Information Science. I applaud their efforts. Let's hope this group can succeed in this worthwhile endeavor.

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