Friday, May 11, 2007

New Possible Member Libraries in NTRLS

I always find it interesting how everything in my life comes in waves. I never do anything once. Once someone asks me a question, I soon have three other similiar questions. In the last month, this has been the case for new members in our System.

Last month, I spoke with Tina Williams from the Forest Hill Public Library and was excited to hear that she is shooting for an opening day sometime next year with System membership starting in FY09. Forest Hill has been attempting to build a library since I started in the System in 2002 so I was very happy to hear about this latest development.

This last Wednesday, I drove up to Saint Jo in Montague County where some very eager ladies were shooting for an opening date in the Spring of 2008 with System membership in FY09. An interesting sidenote, Saint Jo, Bowie and Nocona, our member libraries in Montague County, are going to attempt to share a catalog using Book Systems Atrium product. I am going to heading the effort to make this a reality.

Today, I spoke to Jerry Hunkapiller, Superintendient of the Millsap ISD, about his effort to open a joint public/school library in Millsap. If the bond issue passess tomorrow, they will build a new elementary school next year with the library opening in Fall 2008. System membership would come in FY10.

In these times where libraries are straining to stay viable to their communities, it is very pleasant to be involved in three projects where the library is so highly valued. Here is to hoping that it spreads...

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