Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Two New NTRLS Board Members

At the March System Assembly meeting, the membership voted to modify the bylaws to include two at-large members on the NTRLS Board of Directors. This modification increases the number of NTRLS Board members from 7 individuals to 9 individuals. Due to the close proximity of the spring System Assembly meetings, there was not enough time to organize a nomination committee, which is required to submit names to the System office thirty days before the election of the at-large members at a System Assembly meeting. In situations like this, it falls to the Chair of the NTRLS Board of Directors to assign individuals to serve in a temporary capacity until the beginning of the next elected term(September 2008).

With this mind, I am proud to announce the appointment of Cecil Carter and Meg Barrow to the NTRLS Board of Directors. You can find contact information on our Board of Directors page at

Our next board election will take place at the Spring 2008 System Assembly meeting.

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