Friday, February 01, 2008

Texas Municipal Library Directors Association 2008 Membership Dues Renewal

Greetings from your TMLDA President Kerry McGeath,

We would like for you to join us in the Texas Municipal Library Directors Association (TMLDA) for 2008. You can save time and postage by joining online with a credit card at . An instant confirmation will be sent to you for your records.

By your commitment to TMLDA, you strengthen the ability of your Association to meet your informational needs and represent your interests.

Remember, too, that membership is now open to Library Directors, Assistant Directors, Department Heads, County Librarians and System Coordinators. Please encourage others to join as well.

Some of the benefits you get from being a TMLDA member are:
* A forum for Directors and Administrators to get together and share common concerns;
* Participation in the TML legislative process, a critical arena for Texas libraries;
* A program at the Texas Municipal League's (TML) Annual Conference held in the Fall;
* Eligibility to apply for “Achievement of Excellence in Library’s Award”; and,
* Reduced subscription rates for TML's monthly magazine Texas Town & City, and/or the Texas City Officials Directory and Buyer's Guide.

For more information about TMLDA, visit our web site at If you have any questions regarding your renewal, please contact me at (817) 748-8384 or

We would be grateful for your support and hope to work with you through your participation in TMLDA this year.

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