Friday, March 28, 2008

GoodSearch-ing for Friends of the Library Kennedale (FOLK)

The Friends of the Library Kennedale (FOLK) has signed up for GoodSearch. This means that, every time anyone uses the search number designated for FOLK, GoodSearch will put a donation into a "kitty" for that Friends group. At the end of the year, FOLK will receive a check from GoodSearch for an amount based on the total number of searches

Kennedale Public Library Director Gwen Bevill suggests, "Each of us could make the GoodSearch website our homepage on the public computers and ask people to try it first before going to Google and other search engines."

Supporters can raise money for a non-profit's cause by using to search the internet and/or to make online purchases - provided that the non-profit has registered with GoodSearch.

Yahoo-powered is the search engine with a unique social mission. GoodSearch donates 50% of advertising revenue to the nonprofits and schools selected by their users. is the new online marketplace that donates a percentage of your online purchase to the charity or school of your choice. GoodSearch and GoodShop have been promoted in the magazine Oprah, on the ABC News and in The New York Times.

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