Wednesday, March 19, 2008

TLA Annual Conference for library friends, trustees, and advocates

A message from Beth Crabb, TLA/LIFTA Chair:

As this year's chair of the TLA Library Friends, Trustees, and Advocates Round Table, I'm writing to solicit your help to encourage lay people in your area to attend this year's annual conference in Dallas.

As you know, this year's conference includes a great number of programs that will be of particular interest to library friends, trustees, and advocates. I have attached a brief list of some of them to this email. Each of the programs on the list is described in detail in the conference brouchure, which is available online at the TLA website.

In particular, I want to extend an invitation to the LiFTA luncheon at noon on Wednesday, April 16. I'm really excited about the program this year, which features authors Jenna Bush, Rosemary Wells, and Elizabeth Noble. Individuals attending the luncheon do not need to be TLA or LiFTA members or even registered for the conference. However, they must purchase tickets by next Tueday, March 25. Tickets are $31.00 and may be purchased online at the TLA website or by mail, postmarked not later than Tuesday the 25th. If help or further ordering information is needed, contact Nan Ellis at TLA, 512/328-1518.

Tables at the luncheon will seat 10, and if a group of 10 purchases tickets, we will reserve a table for them. You, or someone from the group, will just need to let me know that the tickets have been purchased and identify the group so we can make a sign..

I appreciate your help in disseminating this information and your support for the friends and trustees.

Beth Crabb
Chair, TLA Library Friends, Trustees, and Advocates Round Table

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