Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Web 2.1 - Site of the Week


At Helene Blowers' presentation last week, I learned about a neat new way to introduce people to the new web. It is called Web 2.1 - Site of the Week. I really love this idea and we are going to try to do this here at NTRLS through our Blog.

Site of the Week

If you are like me, you have been receiving emails asking you to join a person's reputation network on Naymz. I decided to give a try after I received two in one day. Here is what they write about themselves.

What is Naymz?
There is little that is as important as your good name. The importance of your name and online reputation is steadily increasing as more and more people flock to the Web. Naymz is an innovative Reputation Network that lets you establish and promote your good name online. Join Naymz to make your good name work for you!

It is a straightforward site and easy to register. Once you have a profile, you can send out emails to people you know asking them to join your network. You get a reputation score based on a number of factors including how many references you have in your profile. You can also tell people about yourself through your profile. In theory, it is a sound idea. A good online presence can really enhance your chances in hunts for jobs, credit and other opportunities. Most social networking sites do not worry about reputation, which is one reason Naymz promotes it.

A word of caution: This site was very flaky as I tested it out. It crashed on me several times. Whenever you are investing time in a web 2.0 website, or tool, just be aware that some of these companies are still working on their products and there is no telling when, or why, they might pull the plug. In other words, do not spend too much time on a new website until it has been fully proven and established.

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