Monday, April 28, 2008

Web 2.1 - Site of the Week

Site Name: Trooker

This week, we are introducing Trooker, a Web 2.0 search engine for online videos. I am a sports fan and I often hear about fabulous sports plays that I did not get a chance to see. I would search for the clip online through the main search engines to no avail. I could never find it. I was so frustrated until I discovered Trooker.

Here is how they describe themselves on their website.

Trooker is an up-to-the-minute video viewing community. With Trooker you can find and watch videos continuously, get alerts when there are new videos on your topic of interest, and create your own sets of videos from anywhere on the net. With Trooker, you can trook your friends and share your watching experience by instantly exchanging videos with them.

You can create an account with Trooker. An account allows you track your favorite vidoes and then you can even create code to embed them on your own website. You can also email your favorite videos to your friends.

By far, the most useful aspect of the service is the search feature. Trooker search Youtube, Brightcove, myspace and several other video sharing sites. If you do a search on the keyword, Librarian, you get some interesting choices. Make sure to click on the button "Add to Set" if you want to save the video as a favorite.

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