Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Library Youth Services Network Special Interest Group WEBSITE

It's here at last! The first of four websites specifically designed for communication among library staff and supporters who share a common interest.

The Library Youth Services Network is one of four Special Interest Groups (SIGs) created by Texas Library Association (TLA) District 7 in partnership with the North Texas Regional Library System (NTRLS). The other three SIGs are the Library Program Planners and Presenters Network, the Library Supporters Network, and the Library Technology Network. For more detailed information about the TLA District 7 / NTRLS SIGs, click here.

The website for the Library Youth Services Network SIG was developed first because we wanted to capture the networking excitement created by the Children's and Youth Librarians Conference of North Texas, which took place a little over two weeks ago. The Library Youth Services Network exists to facilitate networking among library staff and supporters involved in library services to youth, from newborns through teens. To read more about the Library Youth Services SIG, either visit the website or simply click here.

In addition to having its own website and an annual conference, each SIG will hold periodic meetings for networking and discussion of business. Some meetings will take place online via chat. Meetings will be called and conducted by District 7 officers.

Each SIG website will serve as a gateway to information about the annual conference, additional SIG-specific resources and an email discussion list where members can network. Archives of the discussion list will be available online. Other features will be added in the future to support the online environment for peer networking.

Future plans for the SIG websites include extended features for online peer networking, such as online chats, blogs, wikis, and other Web 2.0 innovations. As each SIG website is enhanced and the other SIGs come online, members also will be able to maintain online profiles and contact lists.

To join the email discussion list for this first SIG, visit The Library Youth Services Network, click on "discussion" and follow the directions.

Information about the other SIG websites will be posted here as the websites become accessible.

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