Wednesday, August 05, 2009

NTRLS looking for writers for webpage!

Writer’s Guidelines
Thank you for your interest in contributing to Our goal is to provide some guidance and direction in our daily tasks at the library. Please see below for a list of upcoming themes for our website. If you are interested in submitting an article, please read these guidelines carefully.

General Information
  • Featured Articles readership consists of people from all areas of librarianship, with varying degrees of expertise. Please keep this in mind when writing articles.
  • Write in the first person, and do not use passive voice.
  • Please do a check of all Web addresses in your article to ensure they are accurate and current before you turn it in.
Document Submission Format
  • If possible, please email documents to as a Microsoft Word file. If you are mailing your submission, use the address below. We will not return submissions.
  • Please include your name in the filename of your document. For example: JoeSmithRFID.doc
  • Do not indent paragraphs; rather, leave a blank line in-between paragraphs. Single space
  • Do not use endnotes, headers, or footers.
  • Please use italics when you refer to book or magazine titles. Do not italicize names of software, databases, or Web sites.
  • After the full text of your article, please include brief biographical information. For example: Name, title, organization and city. Then mention any related projects or special experience. Finish with your email address.
  • If you are going to include any bibliographic references or suggestions for further reading, please include them after your biographical information under the title “References/Further Reading.”

Art Submission Format
  • Do not embed art within your text. If you are sending accompanying pictures, charts, etc., each graphic must be sent as a separate file. We prefer .jpg or .gif files.
  • Articles should be between 500 and 1500 words in length.

  • At this time, authors are not compensated for articles.

Conflicts of Interest
To avoid real and perceived conflicts of interest, will not accept articles about subjects from writers who may have a potential financial conflict with the work. We ask that writers tell us about any such work they do in the field. The editors will evaluate on a case-by-case basis whether a conflict exists.

Copyright requests one-time electronic rights to publish your material on the website. The copyright for the work remains with you. If you submit the same article to another publication, please inform that publisher that the article first appeared on

Mailing Address
North Texas Regional Library System, Inc.
6320 Southwest Blvd., Ste. 101
Fort Worth, TX 76109

Date Subject
September 2009 - TexShare
October 2009 - Keeping Your Bookclub Fresh
November 2009 - Patron Privacy in the 21st Century
December 2009 - To Buy or Not To Buy – Is a Review Required?
January 2010 - Doing a Job Fair in Your Library
February 2010 - Supporting Your Support Staff
March 2010 - Microsoft Office, Open Office and Google Docs – a Comparison
April 2010 - Accessibility Fairs – Lessons Learned
May 2010 - Technology Trends
June 2010 - Publishing 2.0 – How Self-Publishing is Evolving
July 2010 - Ebooks
August 2010 - Libraries of the Future

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