Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Be a member of North Texas Regional Library System

Yay! Finally! Membership is now open for academic, school, government and special libraries to the North Texas Regional Library System through TSLAC. Why be a member? You have a voice at the table - be a part of planning continuing education, have NTRLS staff help with consulting, be a part of consortium pricing in some cases. There is no fee to be a member but you must fill out the application listed on the TSLAC webpage.

For accreditation rules for academic, school, research or special, and governmental libraries, see 13 Texas Administrative Code 1.86. Libraries applying for membership must agree to loan materials without charge to users of other libraries in the system. These standards apply only to libraries that are operated by a public school district, institution of higher education, unit of local, state, or federal government, accredited non-public elementary or secondary schools, or special or research libraries.

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