Friday, March 26, 2010

PLA Day 2 - my feet hurt!

Okay, I am ready to eat crow - the first session I wanted to attend was too full - so I guess there ARE alot of people here. I have to say I have attended really good sessions today.

The first one was "Oh, I Wish I'd Said.....(aka: Dealing With Difficult People by Pam Parr and Gail Johnson - these ladies are funny! They also suggested two sentences can help handle almost any situation.......and they are: 1. I am sorry that happened and 2. I can take care of that for you. Neither of these mean you or the library is at fault - but that you are sorry about the situation and will take care of it - even if that means calling the police. Many people feel upset if they think they weren't treated "fairly". But fairness is in the eye of the ask them what they think is fair.

Next I have attended an update on Paco Underhill's Envirosell and their library study "Why We Borrow" - for those that know me you know I often refer to his book Why We Buy. Very insightful information - I plan to incorporate more of this into the Image Audits that I do with libraries. One comment made is "retail" is not a four letter word! Look at how your users use the library space and respond accordingly.

A side note: I am becoming quite the seasoned transit rider - it is so nice - we need this system in North Texas. The rail police even talked to me this morning - and thankfully I had bought the right ticket! : )

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