Thursday, April 08, 2010

Hmmmm..Makes one think.........

As a follow-up to last night's Find a Job in Federal Libraries chat (please see the Wimba classroom off the SLIS Village homepage for the archive and the Career forum in the Village for the panelists' notes), please consider joining the Careers in Federal Libraries Google Group. The group's founder, Nancy Faget (also one of last night's panelists) describes the group below:

Students and job seekers may be interested in federal librarianship as a career choice because:
1. The average annual salary of a federal librarian is approximately $84,000
2. There are school, academic, medical, law, public, and special libraries in federal government
3. The Feds are hiring, even in this tough job market
An online group was set up to allow those interested in this career choice to continue the conversation with federal librarians. Educational presentations, resume reviews, and mentors are available on the Careers in Federal Libraries Google group. You may want to join and receive job announcements and career advice from federal librarians in ALA and SLA.