Thursday, April 08, 2010

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  • Were you at the System Assembly in Denton last January? Visit the photos page and see our photographs. Look for 'photos' under the Resources menu.

  • Our Librarian Live partners post new podcasts several times a month. Meet Kim Doner, the artist for the 2010 Texas Reading Club and learn about a wireless network device and a free web content filter that might be useful in your library. Recent Librarian Live podcasts are listed in the box on the right-hand-side of our web page. Click 'all podcasts' to get to the archive of the entire podcast series.

  • TWDL - Texas Workskills Development in Libraries - is the program we developed through the SYNG grant to provide resource for libraries to help job seekers. See for more information, or go straight to the TWDL website at

  • We're gearing up for this summer's Close the Book on Hunger campaign, to fight hunger and illiteracy in North Texas. See the project website at .

  • A few of our libraries recently sent us updates on their websites and automation systems. Do we have correct information about your library? Look for 'Library Websites and OPACS' and ‘Automation Systems’ under the Members menu.

  • The scrolling box on the left side of our website has links to the the latest items in the NTRLS Blog , Adam Wright's blog Notes of a Binge Thinker, and the Libraries for Literacy website. Check these blogs often so you won't miss anything.

  • Our Sample Library Policies page now includes a sample policy for Social Software, thanks to Denton Public Library. Look for "Policies-Examples" under the "Resources" menu.

  • At the March regional meetings, we received some questions about the differences between regional meetings and system assemblies. The Meeting Details page now has a brief description of these two kinds of meetings. Click 'Meeting Details' from the main Meetings Portal page,

  • The dates for the next five regional conferences are on a handy flyer you can get to from our home page. The dates are also posted on the SIGS page - look for 'SIGS and Regional Conferences' under the Continuing Education menu. Or check each conference's website: (for LP3), (for CYC), (for the Supporters Conference) and (for TechNet). These links are all on our home page at the bottom right.

  • Remember to check the CE Portal often for upcoming workshops and conferences. Registration is now open for the TechNet conference in May, as well as workshops on Accessibility, Budgeting, Long Range Planning, and more!

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