Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Read Print: Your Free Online Library

I subscribe to a del.icio.us feed that sends me all links with the tag "library". Read Print was one of the websites recently added as a bookmark. Here is how the website introduces itself.

A warm welcome to Read Print, your free online library. Our website offers thousands of free books for students, teachers, and the classic enthusiast. To find the book you desire to read, start by looking through the author index. If you need help with something, feel free to drop us a line.

My son has asked that we read Huckleberry Finn so I immediately found Mark Twain's name in the author list and clicked on it. Huckleberry Finn appeared on the left hand side. I clicked on the title of the book and was presented with a listing of all the chapters. I clicked on Chapter 1 and started reading. Very quick and easy on the eyes.

The copyright date has 2004 so it looks like it has been around awhile. I did not find a About Us section so I am not sure who is actually running the website, but I am going to email them to find out. I was also disappointed that they didn't allow for easy download of the books to a portable device. Otherwise, nice site to find some freely available classics.

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