Wednesday, February 01, 2006

TitleZ - A New Collection Management Tool

TitleZ is a neat MashUp that I think collection development librarians would find useful. It tracks how well a book sells on Amazon; both currently and historically. Here is what it says on its website:

TitleZ makes it easy to see how a book or group of books has performed over time, relative to other books on the market. Simply enter a search phrase, book title, or author, and TitleZ returns a comprehensive listing of books from Amazon along with our historical sales rank data.

I signed up for an account with their beta release and performed a keyword search on Texas. It returned several hundred books ranked by sales rank. When I clicked on the left hand button, it showed a neat historical chart of the book's sales. Pretty neat. If you visit the site, don't forget to check out the compare feature. The beta release is free, but they plan to charge a monthly subscription after its goes prod.

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