Monday, September 25, 2006

Gurulib: Catalog for Personal Collections

I read about Gurulib on Superpatrons blog. The site itself is a useful tool for indivuals who want to track their various personal collections. However, I found out that through it you can search from a list of 530 public libraries. Most automation software will do this for you today so you can easily copy catalog new items in your collection. If you do not have access to a cataloging tool, you might want to try out Gurulib. I created an account in less than five minutes. I then clicked on the button, Add Item. I was given the choice of searching Amazon or a public library. You can add as many public libraries as you want, but you can only search one at a time. It is a new tool so give it some time and I bet they build in the ability to search multiple sources at once. I really liked the interface as well. It was easy to use and seemed to take advantage of all the Web 2.0 functionality.

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