Friday, September 29, 2006

ViewScore Aggregates Product Reviews

ViewScore is every shopper's dream come true. It takes reviews from different sources online, aggregates the product scores and gives you an overall score. Right now, it only deals in electronics. A great tool for you and your patrons...

ViewScore develops a product search-engine to provide users with consistent, uniform and easy-to-follow/easy-to-compare product recommendations. ViewScore product ranking technology eliminates the time-consuming search process and enables consumers to find the most suitable product within the shortest time. Shoppers can then continue to the next phase, selecting a vendor or purchasing the product.

ViewScore aggregates and processes product review content from thousands of data sources - compiles a unique numerical product review score for each product; ranks the aggregated product review scores; and present the user with final product recommendations. Users can then drill down further and dive into individual product reviews to learn more about each product and the reviewer’s opinion, refine their product search, move to the "where to buy" phase or go directly to a merchant site to purchase the product of their choice.

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