Friday, September 22, 2006

Online Resources for Teens and Programming

I just ran across two interesting online sites - one for teens and one for programming for all ages. Both have great ideas and encourage input from librarians - take time to check them out.

The Alternative Teen Services website is a grassroots publication maintained by teen librarians for the purpose of exchanging ideas, resources, and passion about serving young adults. By using grassroots media and new social learning tools to discuss teen librarianship, we hope to learn and be inspired by each other in a fun and supportive environment. Our efforts should work towards the end goal of improving teen library services through information sharing and grassroots media.

The EZ Library Program Directory was created by the Mid-Hudson Library System to help librarians find easy, inexpensive program ideas covering a wide range of topics, activities, costs and ages--from infants to adults.

To look for a program idea, choose Search for a Program and search by one or more of the categories or search by keyword. If you wish to share programs that have been successful in your library, please use the Submit a Program section.

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