Friday, June 08, 2007

Denton Public Library to host “Benjamin Franklin” Traveling Exhibit

This ALA press release announces which libraries will be hosting the “Benjamin Franklin” traveling exhibit. Denton Public Library is listed.

Congratulations to the Denton Pubilc Library for being one of the 20 nationwide selected.

Here is a little more about the exhibit as copied from the ALA press release.

The exhibition for libraries will consist of six sections of colorful, freestanding photo-panels incorporating representations of artifacts from the original Franklin exhibition, and a new text written by the curator. Exhibition content is arranged in thematic sections showing Franklin in the Boston of his youth, Franklin’s family and personal life, as well as the years when he built his business as Philadelphia’s premier printer. The exhibit also looks at Franklin’s commitment to public service, his interests in medicine and public health, and his work in science and philosophy. Franklin’s political career in England, France and the United States, and his contributions to the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and other major documents are the subjects of the final two sections of the exhibit.

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