Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Disaster Planning and Recovery Offerings at Amigos

The North Texas area has been bombarded by storms over the last three months. If your library has encountered any kind of damage due to these storms, I recommend you check out the Amigos offerings for Disaster Planning and Recovery. You do not have to be an Amigos member to receive the benefits of their program. Here is an email I received from Elizabeth Klein, Program Coordinator, Imaging and Preservation Service, at Amigos.

Hi, Adam –

Thank you for your time on the phone today. Please let your librarians know that the Imaging and Preservation Service (IPS) of Amigos has a preservation consultant on staff who can advise them of the best way to handle things like wet materials, mold outbreaks, or other damage that might occur in the aftermath of flooding. We are available to help any library west of the Mississippi, even if they are not Amigos members, because of our NEH grant.

During daytime hours, please call the Amigos 800 number in my signature text, and let them know you need emergency assistance from IPS. After hours, please call 469-223-4900 to reach the on-call person (me).

Amigos also provides training workshops in Emergency Preparedness, Response and Recovery. We offer face to face classes and have a new on-line class starting in September.

You might also check out this site for more information.

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