Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Genre Fiction Preferences

The Reference and User Services Quarterly has an article in the Summer 2007 issue that lists the survey results for genre fiction preferences. The results are in percentages.

Romance: Well Liked: 23% Disliked: 59%
Religious/Inspirational Well Liked: 12% Disliked: 61%
Literary: Well Liked: 67% Disliked: 10%
Science Fiction: Well Liked: 52% Disliked: 29%
Fantasy: Well Liked: 40% Disliked: 33%
Historical: Well Liked: 60% Disliked: 13%
Mystery: Well Liked: 65% Disliked: 14%
Spy/Thriller/Adventure: Well Liked: 66% Disliked: 16%

Source: Learning From Leisure Reading by Jessica E. Moyer.

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