Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dallas Officials Will Try To Restrict Porn At Library

DALLAS -- Top city officials said they will review ways to restrict pornographic Web sites on public library computers in response to a newspaper study that found the viewing of explicit material to be commonplace.

A Dallas Morning News examination of Internet use at the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library during a 45-minute period on Dec. 19 found that about 7.5 percent of Web pages viewed by library patrons contained pornography.

The log of Web pages, which the newspaper obtained using the Texas Public Information Act, showed that about 5,200 of the more than 69,300 Web pages viewed during the time period contained material such as full nudity, sexual intercourse or sex acts.

For complete article: http://www.nbc5i.com/news/15051015/detail.html

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  1. The article says, "Librarians who notice inappropriate Internet usage can also send electronic messages asking visitors to stop, Suhm said. Some librarians reported sending the messages more than 30 times a week."

    The librarians should not allow those who are caught viewing porn back in a city library. It has only barred 36 people from the library. They should be barring at least 30 people a week.