Monday, January 07, 2008

Why Disaster Planning is so important!

Sprinklers Rupture Damaging Medina's $20 Million New Library

MEDINA, Ohio -- The Medina County Library is set to open its new $20 -million main library on Friday, despite a freak accident that soaked a section of the building.

Two fire prevention sprinklers burst Saturday evening at the new library in Medina, sending water gushing over the adult fiction section.

The Medina Fire Department responded and library maintenance crews were able to shut the water off after about 10 minutes. But by then, Library Director Carole Kowell says 3,000 books were damaged, some beyond saving.

"They're actually on a truck being freeze dried and that's a process that takes moisture out of books and hopefully we can salvage probably, hopefully half of those books," explains Kowell.

Kowell says staff is still compiling a damage estimate.

High powered fans have been drying out the 3,000 square foot room that sustained the damage.

Kowell says investigators still have not determined what caused the sprinklers to rupture.

Side note: NTRLS will host a Disaster Planning Workshop in March 2008. Be watching the webpage for the flyer!

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