Friday, January 06, 2012

New Year's Update from NTLP

As the calendar turns over to 2012, NTLP is already several months into our fiscal year 2012, a transition year for us. After 40 years of being funded by the Texas State Library as a regional library system, now NTLP is continuing to support library development as a member-supported nonprofit corporation.

In November and December 2011, NTLP Executive Director Carolyn Brewer and the NTLP staff conducted more than a dozen local meetings of library directors across North Texas to discuss the changing state of regional library support in Texas. We collected a lot of creative ideas for services libraries would like to see from a regional support organization like ours, and you will see some of them implemented in the near future.

January sees NTLP returning to the Continuing Education scene by sponsoring group viewing opportunities for webinars provided by Grantstation, Amigos and others. By attending the group sessions, librarians can participate in the online training classes at a reduced rate and also have an opportunity for face-fo-face networking with peers. These group sessions are discounted or free for staff from NTLP partner libraries. See for upcoming events.

NTLP is currently in the process of reviewing bids for library materials contracts. Once finalized, the new contracts and other negotiated vendor discounts will be available to NTLP partner libraries. Watch for announcements on the NTLP website,

For information about becoming an NTLP partner library, see