Friday, March 24, 2006

The Boston Public Library has outdone itself!

After much time attending the seminars and vendors, the day was capped off by the reception at the Boston Public Library. I want to be one of the first that applauds the BPL for creating an amazing experience. While just visiting the historic building full of rich history and detailed architecture was a treat, the extras created a great environment.

We were greeted at the front entrance by costumed figures playing revolutionary music. Upon entering the library, we were guided to a mashed potato bar (interesting if you have never been to one - think sundae ice cream bar - but with potatoes and potato toppings.) We were served many specialties of the area - clam chowder, lobster bites, chicken, roast beef, pasta and extravagant desserts. Can you tell I was eating my way through the Boston Public Library?

The library was absolutely packed - there were times I could not even turn around. I can't begin to explain the detail of the building and art in each room. For complete information, visit the Boston Public Library and discover their history online, or better, in person!

Kudos to you all for such a fun event!

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