Thursday, March 23, 2006

Good seminars but so many people!

As I searched for a seminar that wasn't full 30 minutes before the seminar was suppose to start I began to worry where I might end up. My first and second choices were full so I headed to "10 Steps to a Culturally Responsive Library." It was time well spent with good discussion and good ideas. The emphasis was on building relationships among all cultures as a first step - not just buying mutli-language materials.

Next I headed to the Pew report on Internet usage. One point I found interesting was that kids today are digital natives, while the rest of us are digital immigrants. Check out the Time article discussing if kids are too wired. Also check out the youtube website to see what kids are sharing online.

Lunch was spent listening to Nobel Prize winner Elie Wiesel and his heart felt talk concerning human relationships and how we all must move away from hatred. His talk was inspiring.

There were other great ideas presented during my after lunch seminars that I will share later. PLA is like a day of Christmas shopping at a busy mall - and now I must put my feet up and escape into a good book.

A closing quote from the Opening Session: "Where else can you go and ask questions to a professional with an advanced degree, for free, but to a public library. "

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