Thursday, March 23, 2006

PLA - Just started and exhausted!

So much to do in Boston and at PLA and so little time. Yesterday I toured Cambridge which included Harvard and MIT. It is a bit surreal to be sitting on a bench surrounded by such brilliant minds - well I guess it is not much different than sitting at a bench in PLA surrounded by so many brilliant librarians!

The Opening Session with Linda Ellerbee was great. Her presentation focused on change and our realization that it is a changing world and we are going for the ride. She had five points - but the one I want to address is "Just because everything is changed, doesn't mean that everything is different." As I was thinking about this, it dawned on me how true this is for libraries. We have constant change - blogging is a great example of a changing trend - yet it is all still basically about getting the right information to the right people at the right time. We just are changing the process but not the very heart of our profession. We are here to help people - and what that includes is changing daily - or maybe even hourly.

After the Opening Session, it was off to the Exhibits. Image the TLA exhibits area - now double it - and now add an entire second floor! I don't actually know the number of exhibitors as compared to TLA, but let me tell you that I only made it though a small number of them before I was dragging my freebies with tired arms and and aching feet! I was in good company however, as I entered the shuttle bus, a gaggle of librarians from all over North American gave me weak smiles behind tired eyes.

Thursday promises to be full of information - in one time slot there are 5 programs that have piqued my interest. I will just make my decisions as I go. Off to another full day, with a little more swing in my step and comfortable shoes!

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