Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Accessibility Rules Can Be Enforced for Websites

A recent court ruling confirms that ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) rules can be enforced for websites as well as for physical buildings, according to an article at

A group of visually-impaired consumers has brought a class action lawsuit against because its e-commerce web site is not sufficiently accessible to visually-impaired shoppers. Target's lawyers have been contending, in part, that the ADA rules designed for brick-and-mortar stores do not apply to websites. A court ruled on October 2 that the litigation can go to trial, confirming that the accessibility rules can be enforced for websites.

The tools that visually-impaired users rely on for reading web pages rely on standard HTML practices, such as text equivalents for images. Animations and other special effects can make web pages inaccessible to these tools.

The eWeek article can be found at,1895,2191625,00.asp?kc=PBWBPEMNL101607EOAD

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