Friday, October 12, 2007

Internet Slow...Here's How Way Public Library Fixed Their Problems

Jody Stroh, Systems Administrator, Way Public Library, OH is using a product at their library to help manage their bandwidth:

Do you ever run into issues when public Internet access PCs eat up all your bandwidth? Most libraries do. Take a look below at how Way Public Library used Cymphonix to overcome their bandwidth challenges:
“Our library staff was experiencing problems with our ILS (Integrated Library System.) It requires a constant connection to the database, and since we’re in a consortium, that database lives in another city. There were times, especially in the afternoon, when all of the public internet computers were busy, and the staff would get disconnected from the circulation system. Patrons had to stand and wait while staff members logged off and back on so that we could check out their items.
Enter Cymphonix. Our new Network Composer has made it possible for us to shape our bandwidth and prioritize our most important applications, giving our ILS what it needs to keep our staff up and running. Thanks, Cymphonix, for the user friendly interface and the great reporting features. The device was easy to install, and the graphic user interface makes it easy to administer. And Cymphonix has made it possible for us to delay the purchase of more bandwidth.”

to find out more about this product, here is the contact info:

James Cook

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