Tuesday, October 16, 2007

State Tang Survey is here...

Hi folks if you are using any part of the Tang program would you please take the time to fill out the states survey? Here is the info listed below:

It's here - http://txstatelibrary.tangoutcomes2007.sgizmo.com/

The survey to capture the data for TANG outcomes for FY2007 has arrived and will be live through November 9th, 2007.

Please forward to your libraries for their participation.

We have tried to keep the survey very short, although we did add three questions this year. Even with those additional questions, we expect that most libraries will be able to complete the survey in under 30 minutes.

The survey officially launches tomorrow, but it is open now. The changes to the survey from the preview sent out earlier were minor tweaks to the wording of a couple questions, one additional open-ended question to capture specific projects or improvements, and the addition of a more extensive explanation of the what/why/where/how of the survey. We also used a new design template that is hopefully easier to read than the original design template we used in the preview.

If you or your libraries have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Once the results come in, I will make sure that you have access to the results. I look forward to reading about all the great things that the libraries have done with the assistance of the TANG program and the dedicated TANG staff.

Thanks - Chris

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